HMIS (Clarity) Consent Refused Data Entry

As of April 1, 2016, in the HMIS Clarity System

Quick Reference Cross Walk for Key Terms

Old System New System
Consent Refused Checkbox Quality of Name field
Agency Unique ID or Agency Unique Identifier or Identifier Alternate Client ID and/or Also Known As and/or Alias
HMIS Generated Client ID or ID Unique Identifier

Key Values to Maintain Throughout Data Entry

keyboard shortcuts

  1. Clients must give written consent to have any personal information stored in HMIS. Personal information continues to include not just names, exact dates of birth, and partial or full social security numbers, but also information that may not be identifying in and of itself but when combined with other non-identifying information may unintentionally lead to the identification of that person.
  2. Keep “Refused” in the last name.
  3. Put searchable IDs in “Alternate Client ID” field.
  4. Don’t accidentally put identifiers in the Alternate Client ID field.

Basic Consent Refused Client Record Data Entry

  1. Start with Quality of Name field and enter “Client Refused”.
  2. Enter zeros for SSN.
  3. Change to “Client Refused” for Quality of SSN.
  4. Type “Refused” for Last Name.
  5. Type “Consent” for First Name.
  6. Enter 01/01/ and up or down a year or two for Date of Birth.
  7. Enter “Client Refused” for Quality of DOB.
  8. Enter a unique ID in Alternate Client ID so you can come back to this client and find them again (or leave it blank if you want the system number to be there instead). If you do fill it in, please make sure it is not in and of itself containing personal information.
  9. Enter Gender, Race, Ethnicity and perhaps Veteran status with real data if it won’t serve to identify them in any way.
  10. Leave Middle Name and Suffix blank.
  11. Click Add Record.
  12. In the “Unique Identifier” field that now appears with an auto-filled number, copy and paste that into the Alternate Client ID field (if you don’t want to make up your own) and into the First Name field (use keyboard shortcuts), eliminating the word “Consent”. Alternately, use your Alternate Client ID to replace the word “Consent” in First Name. If you don’t do this, you won’t have an identifier in the top of each screen as you continue to enter data on this client.

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